Thursday, May 28, 2015 11:48

Welcome to the Adam Lyal Fan Club

Hello and welcome to the Adam Lyal fan club web-site.

Over the past 17 years, a multitude of brave (or foolhardy) souls have displayed admirable courage in journeying on my ghastly Witchery Murder & Mystery walking tour – an eerie evening venture through some of Edinburgh’s haunted closes and secluded courtyards. For some of you, our ghostly sojourn together proved to be a somewhat unnerving and overwhelming experience. Either you didn’t survive the thumbscrews, are still wandering in ‘limbo’ through one of the many dark alleyways, ended up with an ear nailed to a wooden post, keeled over in shock at the thought of having to kiss the mad monk or even caught the plague. At least no one can claim that life in Old Town Edinburgh was ever dull!

However, I’m glad to say that many of you who finished the tour and lived to tell the tale, have kept in contact with me over the years. For this I am eternally grateful, as it can be quite lonely being a full-time ghost with only the Mad Monk for company. Frequently your comments about my tours have been quite flattering and rather kind, and as a result, have often brought glad tears to my ashen-faced cheeks! (The Mad Monk has also asked me to mention that he is deeply touched that so many of you have enquired as to whether he has a girlfriend).

Being a modern ghost and quite an affable phantom at heart, I have always had a strong hankering to keep in touch with living mortals. One afternoon in March whilst pondering how best to do this, it suddenly dawned on me that a fan based web-site would be an excellent idea. So with the able help of the redoubtable Mad Monk, who incidentally is a dab hand at web design, and due to popular demand, we have put together a fan club web-site just for you. On this site you will find some further historical information on Adam Lyal (some of you have had the brazen cheek to suggest that I did not really exist), what I’ve been up to since my re-appearance in 1985, tour anecdotes and stories, press articles, photographs and web-site downloads. There will even be a regular competition! Phew!

I gladly welcome any feedback you would wish to make and will attempt to answer any vexing questions, both historical and non-historical, that may be troubling you, although I draw the line at queries asked about the Mad Monk’s personal hygiene and eating habits.

Keep in touch!
Best witches

Adam Lyal (deceased)